How we work and what we believe in


  • Design for people in co-creation with people.
  • Methods that include across differences and create commitment.
  • People and nature in a balanced solution.
  • Equality, diversity and biodiversity are at the heart of every one of our collaborations.
  • We believe in the power and capacity of people for any change at any time.


Social design, architecture, co-creation, process facilitation and sustainability are at the core of every one of our projects. We believe and work across disciplines and methods. We know that participation and co-creation form the basis of any balance and implementation of physical structures or cultural values.

When we use the term SUSTAINABILITY, we mean: Possible to do, Possible to implement and relevant to the people. Sustainability also means green, balanced and future-oriented.

We work in partnerships and prepare every collaboration carefully by mapping demographics, geography and social parameters.

Green transition and change organisation are our main focus. We always offer opportunities to participate in a green transition to every partner or every customer. We adapt to any transition and provide for minor or major changes.

Design and learn

The most obvious way to create change is to engage, include and give civil society the tools and space to facilitate and support their own ideas, creativity and solutions. We provide Living Lab learning designs to support and nurture any idea until it becomes real and implementable. Living Labs is our take on a meeting place for co-creation, where we create a space or universe to investigate a given theme or task in a facilitated process. It can be fitted into an existing space or into a new physically designed structure. The focus of our Living Labs is to facilitate and create ‘a safe space for unsafe ideas’ for any kind of community, network, commercial context or learning program/institution.

Our methods :

  • Challenge-based learning
  • Intercultural designs
  • Design Thinking
  • Living Labs and universes for platforms

Festivals and cultural productions

Festivals are good at facilitating new concepts and perspectives. They motivate people through artistic and designed experiences. We use festivals as a means to capture people’s attention for a limited time and space experience, even if it facilitates focus and vision.

To operate and create good experiences, we use:
Films, debates, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and facilitated processes that challenge. With the help of new tools, we create foundations for new conversations and new target groups. We give people guidelines to ensure and promote social cohesion, human rights, and we always thrive on creating equality and concepts with diversity as a purpose. We promote climate strategies with a focus on highly relevant themes or tasks that adapt to your reality and the reality of your organisation. We use our curatorial skills and long-term experience in working with culture, art and conceptual designs as sociologists, architects, entrepreneurs and designers.

Change Management

We encourage our clients and their users to trust and facilitate their own change and trust in their true capacity as agents of change and participants in the transition.

We offer 25 years of organisational consulting, project management and process design. If your organisation wants to work in a specific theoretical approach or paradigm, we can adjust and tailor any intervention, design or process.

Let’s give an example: Frame, Voice, Report is an EU-based paradigm for campaigns in development contexts. The client wants to integrate the results and the main approach into this paradigm, so we design accordingly.

Competence development

We offer 25 years of teaching, learning and development. Our team has engaged and delivered to most Danish universities and design academies. Based on both academic credits and commercial consulting, we are happy to share our design and learning material as well as designing and authoring new and tailor made.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Organisations
  • Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Network
  • NGOs and civil society organisations
  • Companies
  • Worldwide


We have recently become part of the largest CSR network in Scandinavia. Through communication, strategy in equality, circular economy and development world context, we offer new value creation for commercial companies and NGOs and CSOs:

  • Strategies for partnerships in Spanish-speaking development contexts
  • Cooperation concepts
  • Internal training and internal events
  • Design thinking and strategies
  • Global bridges to advance your technology and ensure local implementation and sustainable change