Virtual Forum

Our new digital platform for interactive and engaging meetings

We have zoomed through the two-year shutdowns pretty much everywhere in the world. Zoom is a one-dimensional and unrefined communication tool. If we are to reach out, we must design and feel our way into each other’s hearts and minds. Therefore, Social Cities has entered into a collaboration with one of the world’s leading video and communication platforms Movies Everywhere.

We can therefore, at any time, tell, describe and invite insight and learning through our platform. It is important because we work in many places in the world. The platform is creative, can deliver artistic expression, live workshop design and audio and visual documentation as well as integrate audience participation. It enables our reach and our partners to benefit from our insights anywhere in the world.

Movies Everywhere is a communications, film production and software development company, specialising in online video and streaming in learning contexts, in theatres, museums, on site etc. Since 2011, they have been developing content in multiple media, along with technological developments, to deliver consolidated, user-friendly and available technological solutions.