Copenhagen Democracy Map

Copenhagen, World Capital of Architecture 2023

In 2023, we invite Copenhageners, Danes and the city’s guests to discover the history of Danish democracy in order to learn more about who we are and find the way to a more sustainable future. Keep an eye out for events on our site and in Copenhagen in Common’s programme.

We believe that if we want to create sustainable cities and sustainable societies, we must take care of what works and what is beautiful. That is why we want to make our democracy an experience.

Social Cities has mapped democracy in Copenhagen and developed an interactive map where you can explore how democracy works in Denmark by learning about places in Copenhagen that represent inclusion, freedom of expression, diversity, participation, co-creation and much more.

The map is interactive and works on a mobile phone or tablet with images and text.

You can walk, cycle or just take the tour virtually from the sofa. By clicking on the places on the map, you will learn by reading our stories. The order of places reflects a natural flow and the tour can be taken in parts. It starts around the central political institutions in the heart of Copenhagen and continues through several distinctive neighbourhoods in the city, where democracy, participation and inclusion work at the local level.

We have previously activated the map through city walks and happenings in collaboration with schools, city guides, musicians and artists, including with joint singing with “Larsen’s Bedste” at Langebro, and storytelling about resistance and rebellion in Nørrebro by cityguide Paul Hartvigson.

With support from the Danish Agency for Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation and Sharing Copenhagen, Copenhagen Municipality,.
Project: 2020-under development

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