Facilitation, Events & Exhibitions

Workshops & Facilitation

Social Cities is a company that works at the intersection between design and learning. We ALWAYS have co-creation at the centre of our attention. This means that we involve, invite, host and create creative inspiring frameworks and insights together with our customers and audiences:

  • About Biomimetics’ methods and possibilities in learning and creative contexts, within CSR and green transition in artistic contexts
  • About co-creation and community creation through living labs, e.g. about sustainability elements in concrete contexts, inclusion, social design in complex cultural settings and diversity
  • Living Labs within local engagement in sustainable local and currently relevant solutions

Exhibitions & Events:

  • 2019-2021: Film festivals with scientific themes including identity, diversity. Locations: Cinematheque, Teaterøen, UNION, Gloria. Funded by the Danish Culture Agency, European Union, Copenhagen Municipality.
  • 2021: About Biomimetics, transformation, the earth, people and nature.
    Locations: Nyhavn, Nordvest, Mørkøv, Teaterøen.
  • 2020-21: About democracy mapping.
    City walks and happenings.
  • About homelessness.
    Locations: People’s Democratic Event Bornholm, UNION Culture House, Kompasset NV
  • 2018: Diversity & Equality: 100 women’s dinner with facilitated conversation and exhibition about female innovators throughout history. Funded by Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.
    Location: UNION Culture House. Collaboration with the Immigrant Women’s Center Nørrebro and the catering company Send More Spices.