European partnership on innovation, art and technology for eco-learning

That we must “return to nature” is typically something said by critics of civilization or nostalgics with a certain amount of scepticism about progress.

Therefore, the paradox can be seen when scientists, in the holy name of progress, right now lean against nature to find the latest technological solutions for everything from aeroplanes and robotics to solar cells.

The trend is called biomimetics, or more commonly known as biomimicry, and involves developing technology based on nature – you mimic nature. Everything from raptor wings, mosquito proboscis and spider webs provide inspiration for new technological solutions.

The central need we address within our work with biomimetics is therefore to address the critical lack of mainstream eco-literacy (=the ability to understand the natural systems that make life on earth possible) and cultural connection to the eco-systems that support European and international communities.

At the same time, we support the need to increasingly utilise the ability of the creative sector and the arts to catalyse our transition to an environment- and nature-conscious society that creates life-affirming conditions.

We solve the need for knowledge and tools primarily through festival production, as through this we can invite to feel and examine our own participation and role in recreating the bridge and the connection between people, nature and earth.

In our future work, we have initiated collaborations across Europe. The experiences in biomimetics are diverse and culturally defined. International cooperation is therefore needed. Through this, we stimulate the need to exchange experiences across knowledge, insight and curiosity.

We recommend the method for schools, training courses, design and art schools, colleges, post-secondary schools for e.g. 3-day courses.

Furthermore, we produce a Biomimicry festival once a year. It is announced and livestreamed in hybrid format via