Social Design

Designing solutions for the most vulnerable people in Denmark

Through a number of years as a permanent adviser to the Nation-wide NGO Kirkens Korshær, we have built up expertise in solutions for the most vulnerable groups in Denmark through trusting cooperation.

We continuously provide design and architectural advice for Kirkens Korshær’s many social projects, e.g. hostels and heating rooms. Kirkens Korshær is a private aid organisation that carries out social work in Denmark among society’s most marginalised and outcast groups, drug addicts, mentally ill, alcoholics and homeless etc.

The collaboration has inspired us to also work with dissemination of the important and meaningful work that the Kirkens Korshær carries out, and the conditions and problems they encounter every day in their work with inclusion and to create better conditions for society’s most vulnerable.

Projects for Kirkens Korshær Copenhagen

  • 2018-2019: The compass in Copenhagen Northwest. Conversion of a former industrial building into a refuge and counselling for homeless migrants. Project management, design, authority approvals etc.
  • 2019: The Urban Oasis in the Northwest of Copenhagen. Design of a new urban garden at Kompasset’s outdoor areas with furniture, outdoor kitchen, bike repair, plant boxes, a new mural and a stage. Facilitation of co-creation processes and curation of projects and activities with participation of users, neighbours and employees and volunteers at Kompasset.
  • 2019: Concept for Kirkens Korshær’s participation in People’s Democratic Event (Folkemødet). Interior design and communication strategy. Signs and identity, facilitation, audience involvement and the exhibition “Copenhagen – an inclusive or exclusionary city?”
  • 2019-2020: Seminar and tour for foreign delegations at Kompasset, who would like to know about how different organisations work with vulnerable urban areas in Copenhagen. Courses for school classes with organised visits to Kompasset.
  • 2020-2021: Drop-in centre at Christianshavn called “The Grease Cellar” which refers to earlier days when the place was known for serving rye bread with pork fat to the poor and needy. Designs and project management of the renovation project including art decorations.
  • 2021: Design and project management of dormitory with specially designed bunk beds for Kirkens Korshær’s night drop-in centre Stengade 40.
  • 2022: Combined recycling shop and greenhouse at Vesterbro, interior design and authority approvals etc.

Financed by Kirkens Korshær, Realdania, CISU, Copenhagen Municipality, Bispebjergs Bydelspulje, Sharings Copenhagen, Trygfonden,