Research and Inspiration Travels

Learnings from Israel, England, Sweden, Spain, & Chile

Thanks to the Danish Art Fund for supporting various research travels to Israel, England, Chile and Sweden.

2021: Spain, Almería

We visited members of ALVELAL territories, producers, farmers, entrepreneurs working in cooperatives with ‘carbon farming’, i.e. initiatives where communities of farmers work on cultivation methods that regenerate soil and landscapes to make the soil more resilient against desertification.

2020: Israel

We went to Haifa to explore the concept and format of Museum Without Walls in Wadi Nisnas (Haifa) learning how new museum formats can be implemented as accessible narratives in public spaces. Our research and visits to different projects have inspired many ideas, and we look forward to seeing how this inspiration can be applied in Denmark. Our key themes for this project are Sustainability, Social Change and Artistic Dissemination and Recognition.

2020: London

Museum of Homelessness and Migration Museum. To achieve insight into methods and designs within homelessness and national inclusion design.

2020: Sweden

Visit to Stockholm to look at water technology and projects with environmental solutions developed by the Swedish Environmental Institute. IV.

2019: Chile

Chiloé in Chile is known by the rest of the country as a unique ‘Living Lab’ with a long tradition of wood construction and crafts. The purpose of the study tour was to collect and document artefacts, material samples, and stories including interviews with locals on video, audio and photo. The journey took us around the chain of wooden churches, ‘palafitos’ (wooden-style houses on legs), local shipyards, newer architectural interpretations mixed with local building traditions as well as pursuits of endemic cultures, such as the minga – the tradition of moving houses on the sea.